book_review.jpgWhich apple would YOU choose and why?

I love red apples so I would eat Jonathan! I think every one should eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away. George
I would have a Braeburn because they taste nice and juicy and they help keep your teeth clean. Jennifer
I like Braeburn apples too. They taste really good and they are very crunchy. Mr Bourton at The Dales Infant School
I would choose ginger gold because thay taste sweet. Liam and Dylan at The Dales Infant School.

I like Wealthy because it's shiny and it looks nice to eat. Jasmin at The Dales Infant School.

Red Delicious looks shiny and it's all red so I would choose that one. Kirsten at The DAles Infant School.

I think Pacific Rose is shiny. Maggie at The Dales Infant School.

I would chosse Braeburn because i LIKE GREEN AND RED APPLES. from Nicole at The Dales Infant School

Don't all of the apples look delicious? Does anyone eat the core as well? I do! My mum used to tell me that if I ate the pips, an apple tree would grow out of my ears! It never did, thank goodness!

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I like Golden Delicious apples. They are very different from Red Delicious and much better.
-Sam JBMS Nashville, TN

If you have never tried a Honeycrisp apple, put it on your To Do list! It has the juicy crispness of a GrannySmith but with a milder flavor. You will be pleased that it does not have the blandness of a Red Delicious, but is not as bursting-with-flavor as a Macintosh. Look for larger Honeycrisps; and preferably taste your first one in late fall so that you know you've gotten one recently picked -- not one that has been sitting in some cooler for 6 or more months! If you really want to enhance your Honeycrisp experience, melt some caramels and dip a slice of Honeycrisp. 'Better than mmm, mmm good!! Mary Beth Kreml; Klein I.S.D. in Texas

I think the best tasting apples are gala. They are so sweet you do not even need icecream.

I think that Fuji apples are the best! I have always enjoyed both red and green apples and Fuji is a perfect combination of both the sweet and sour tastes of red and green apples. They are a treat just by themselves!
-Tamra TASD, PA

I would choose the red delicious apple because it has a strong defined look and I am a person who believes in having a strong foundation. This apple looks like it has all the characteristic of an apple that would be tasty, fresh, and fulfill an appetite. Now I need to go find a red delicious apple because it made me hungry looking at it.
-Travis WJHSD, PA

The Benefit of Apple I would choose the Granny Smith Apple because it taste nicer and musch crunchyer than the other apples and doesn't go soft very quickly. i also like it because its no really sweet as it has a little bit of sour flavour in it. However, it doesn't mater which apple you eat everyday, the important thing is that you eat one everyday because they are really healthy and will give u a more longer and fitter life. It also cleans your teeth in some cases. So forget about junk food and pick up an apple and show a white dazzling teeth along with that smile. 19ell92-a girl who eats apple everyday after lunch