Good for you but disgusting.

I believe that there is NO nutritional value in cucumber at all, so why bother eating it?

There may be little nutritional value but cucumber sandwiches - mmmm! Lovely

Who on earth would notice if cucumbers disappeared off the planet........who would care? They spoil any salad, ruin a good sandwich and generally taste gross. Ban the cucumber! Crush the cucumber. Let's give it a miss.

If we lost all the cucumbers, we'd lose pickles, too. I love dill pickles.

If your'e eyes swell up for some reason put sliced cucumber on them, it works a treat! Jeorden.

Oh, I love them!!! They're healthy too.

Cucumbers are really healthy for u and there really delisous Mmmmmmmm.....!

Been eating them since i was little , soooo tasty and healthy ... !!! Could eat one right now... Yummmmm !

my dad grows them in his greenhouse then transferrs them to his allotment.olivia