Can you persuade people to eat the food you like?

Choose one of the food categories from the list and discuss why you think people should eat this type of food. You must persuade your readers that it will be good for them to eat at least one portion of this food every day. Leave your name after each comment.

Chocolate: Everyone should eat at least two pieces of chocolate every day, preferably dark chocolate. It is nutritional and it tastes good. There is absolutely nothing in chocolate that is bad for you. It has been proven to increase your intelligence and your energy. It will also help you lose weight and will cleanse your system of all toxins. Since chocolate is one of the major food groups, we should require all school cafeterias to serve it at least three times a week. Sissy Markum

Chocolate Trivia: It was originally served spicy instead of sweet

The WORST chocolates are Lindt's truffles. Icky!!!

I agree!
i think that dark chocolate is one of the coolest chocolates EVER. nobody in my family likes it but me... oh, well, more for ME!!!!! yum...
From, Angelica

And Dark Chocolate (70% and above cacao) has beneficial anit-oxidant qualities.
From Terry!